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In Search of Meaning

The human image in a global perspective
Group Exhibition with a.o. Juan Muñoz, Marc Quinn, Antony Gormley, ...
Curated by Anne Berk
Museum de Fundatie - Zwolle (NL)
From January 17th till April 6th 2015 


In Search of Meaning, the human image: group exhibition with a.o. Juan Muñoz (ES), Marc Quinn (GB), Antony Gormley (GB), Folkert de Jong (NL), Atelier Van Lieshout (NL), Yue Minjun (CN), Lin Tianmiao (CN), Kiki Smith (VS), Johan Tahon (BE), Henk Visch (NL)... at Museum De Fundatie in Zwolle, the Netherlands

Opening Saturday 17 January 2015 , 15.00 hrs | Odeon Theatre, Blijmarkt 25, Zwolle (NL)


insearchofmeaningThe fall of the Berlin Wall, the demise of communism, the rise of non-Western economies, religious issues ... Social and societal changes followed one another at a rapid rate at the end of the 20th century.

It was a time of euphoria and uncertainty, in which the arts also changed dramatically. Abstract art was increasingly accompanied by figurative and narrative art. Since that time, artists have been producing more and more 'human images' to communicate their questions about 'being human', in an age in which quick-fire answers seem to be non-existent.

The exhibition entitled 'In Search of Meaning – The human image' in a global perspective investigates the meaning of the human figure in a global context.
How do artists in various parts of the world see life?

'In Search of Meaning' has been compiled by curator and publicist Anne Berk, and opens in Museum de Fundatie in Zwolle on 17 January 2015.

The participating artists are Juan Muñoz (ES), Marc Quinn (GB), Jan Fabre (BE), Karin Arink (NL), Lee Bul (KOR), Stephan Balkenhol (DE), Caspar Berger (NL),Berlinde de Bruyckere (BE), Heri Dono (IDN), Antony Gormley (GB), Lidy Jacobs (NL), Folkert de Jong (NL), Riyas Komu (IND), Atelier van Lieshout (NL), Yue Minjun (CHN), Lin Tianmiao (CHN), Yinka Shonibare (GB/Nig), Kiki Smith (US), Elisabet Stienstra (NL), Johan Tahon (BE) and Henk Visch (NL).

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Photocredits: Johan Tahon, Self (Kepler), 2001, polyester, 65 x 40 x 40 cm. Collectie Interpolis, Tilburg, Courtesy Interpolis.

source: www.bamart.be